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Welcome to the Crypt!

Hello, come in, make yourself at home and let me introduce myself. I did plan to get dressed up, but I was busy making things, so this is me.

I've always been interested in interior design, arts and crafts and creating things but it's only since I've got older and realized I don't really care what anyone else thinks of my style (except maybe Mr Afterlife Crypt since he lives here too and helps with the DIY, but luckily he likes it) that I feel like I've found my dark little niche. I've been making things I couldn't find for my own house for as long as I can remember and over the last year, to stop myself going completely mad, I decided to put my skills to good use and sell a few of my creations on Etsy. I've been blown away by all the support, the kindness and the great feedback I've had and I've loved learning yet more new skills and creating new designs, so this is the next step on that journey.

I'm hoping that as well as a shop, I can use this site as a place to share tips and tutorials, support other alternative artists and small businesses and help all those who love black, bats, skulls and all things dark and eerie to make their own home sweet spooky home just how they want it.

I'll be adding more to the site over the coming weeks, so please enjoy a 10% discount with the code WELCOME10 off your first order and I'll see you again soon!

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