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We're Moving Home!

This is a bit of a personal ramble, TLDR at the end!

If you follow me on social media, you'll know this has been in the works for quite a while!

I love my current home, it's the first place I've lived that has truly felt like home and I love the beams and the stone walls, the privacy of being tucked away in a lovely village, the open plan feel, my gorgeous kitchen, and all my black paint. But I've always enjoyed renovating unloved houses and I've been wanting to invest some money in the business so I can get more stock in and keep up with demand. So we made the possibly crazy decision to downsize a little and buy a fixer upper in the nearby town!

We found a lovely big house, but it was at the top of our budget and something just didn't feel right. After hearing some horror stories from the neighbours, we knew it wasn't the one for us and we had to start again. Our lovely patient buyers have been waiting a long time, our new house has been waiting for probate for MONTHS and we were looking at having to move in with my mum to wait it out. But, thank goodness, probate is granted! However, now our buyers aren't quite ready and everything is still up in the air. I've not really been able to plan ahead for a long time and we're going to have to move house right at the busiest time of year for the business.

What does this mean for the Crypt?

The good stuff:

I'll be able to invest some money in stock, materials and equipment so that I can keep up with demand and bring you more gorgeous alternative homeware.

More space for the business so I can work on new ideas and be more efficient, giving me time to work on my favourite part - new designs!

A new workshop! I'm really, really excited about this as I absolutely love organising (I know, weirdo) and can't wait to have a space for everything.

A new project to do up, which I'll be featuring on here, Instagram and Facebook. Interior design is a huge passion of mine and one of the main reasons I started the Crypt, so this is a really exciting one for me. Make sure you're following us if you want to see what we're up to!

The drawbacks:

Everything has been up in the air so long I've struggled with planning ahead, so haven't been as active on social media or keeping up to date on here, and I don't have as many new products coming out as I'd like at the moment. I do have lots of plans for when everything is sorted though!

I've allowed some items to run out, especially breakable things as I don't want to move them if I can help it.

My dispatch times may be affected for a little while. Still normal at the moment, but once I pack the workshop it may be a little while before I'm as organised as I am now and I'll be removing a couple of things with longer processing times once it gets too late for me to make them before the move.

I'm going to have to close, or at least suspend shipping, for at least a couple of weeks to move, and until I have dates for the move I can't plan exactly when that will be. I do fully intend to be at all the events I have booked though, some in person and some online. I will continue to provide the best customer service possible and keep you all up to date on what's going on, especially in the run up to Christmas. And we WILL be back, bigger and better!


We're moving home before Christmas! Orders are as normal at the moment and will be at least until Wednesday 25th October when we will be off to Whitby. Keep an eye out for updates as we will be reducing service for a couple of weeks.

Thank you so much for all your support over the last year, can't wait to be back back in full swing!


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