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Bat Stencil Paint Effect

I'm a lot better at painting than I am at making videos, but I hope this is helpful!

Stencilling takes time and patience, but the end results are worth it and it's a much cheaper and more adaptable option than wallpaper.

You need:

  • Paint! It depends on your project, but for wall stencils I just use ordinary emulsion.

  • A stencil brush or sponge, I like a brush best and have had the same one for years so I can't help with where that came from! Natural sponge also works well, but you only need a tiny piece.

  • Tape to hold your stencil in place while you work. I like Frog Tape delicate surface as it is kinder to the surface underneath.

  • A small shallow container to hold a small amount of paint.

  • A rag or piece of kitchen towel to wipe off any excess from your brush or sponge.

Please check out the video!

The stencils are designed to repeat, so line up the partial bats along the edges with the last stencil you completed (as far as possible, no wall is ever fully flat!) If you are doing a large area paint may start to build up around the edges of the cut outs and cause the paint to bleed, so it will help to wash it every now and again, Make sure to fully dry before using again.

Use your free single bats to fill in any edges and corners, and if you wash the stencils gently according to the paint manufacturers instructions and store flat they should last for years.

If you have any questions, please get in touch!

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